Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Markets

I am sitting here writing this post the markets closed up today but globally the sell signals are still happening. I am going make it really short that the global market selling will slow down. You will begin to see next Monday a larger course correction going upswing gaining about 100 points. This will bring hope to investors who lost big in the markets earlier this week. It's a roller coaster ride to the bottom last week going downhill hitting a low of 588 or more on the broad market indexes. What a week for investors who didn't learn anything from my blog corner of the world. The smart readers tuning into my blog used my information gain traction in the downturn making money. The other poor saps on both Well Street and Main Street lost their shirts going bankrupt. It pays to be informed when you really want to make money in a bear market. I want to apologize to my readers this week for not posting on my regular Monday Wednesday,Friday schedule. I normally do post here but I am busy this week so I haven't been doing it as I normally do. Hope everyone has a nice weekend and read my post Monday.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Market Wrap Up

Well, today we see that my predictions of mud slides in the markets actually turned into a larger amount of downhill vertical free fall this morning. I predicted that the bears are going to go cracked up crazy selling everything they have trying to get out the exit door with the herd all getting crushed in the process. I am right as usual with the Dow Jones posting current data at 141.15 minus dive in the pit head first. Then you'll have to add like I predicted the NASDAQ,Standards and Poors etc all hitting the accelerator going down to pit with it. Yup, you think that's bad at the time of writing this blog post just look at the global markets they all have followed suit going average from 100 to 535 points doing a verified vertical nose dive. You got to bailout everyone the crazy bears are driving drunk drunk wanting to bailout..Oh wait a minute that right I am a contrarian I just remembered.. I got to thinking for a moment about all my emotional state with the mountain of losses in my positions in my portfolio.. I am so emotional I panicked like the rest of the herd running for the exit door crushing everyone on the way out. No. I just regained composed mental state now I am thinking rational here about all the good deals that this crazy crash is offering me. While everyone is popping Rolaids and drinking whiskey running away feeling pain I am looking at all the cheap deals in stocks,bonds and other investment vehicles available this morning. Your losses folks that your getting punished with in the markets I am busy in buying frenzy for me raking in profit like it's cotton candy. I am buying cheap and selling it on the margin shorting the stocks, bonds ETF etc making money. The more important longer term dividend payers I am buying at frenzy sweeping cheap beaten down investments into my portfolios. While the globe is saying how much everything sucks in the investment world I am filled with hot joy laughing all my way to the bank. I guess you get my strategy I love a market drop when it happens like this today. I am getting wealthy on other poor suckers misery index where the markets do mud slides downhill.. I can't wait for it to drop 300 or 500 points then I will increase my positions to becoming the Warren Buffett of market wealth.. Let's ride today with me in the driver seat while you'll be singing and whistling Dixie meanwhile everyone else is got out their crying towel..

Have a Awesome Day..

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mid Week Markets

Good morning all you investors filled with fear and shedding those tears on the down hill slope..I hope you're putting on your skiing equipment correctly because we've achieved free fall plummet on the markets today at opening of the bell for trading. The Dow Jones Industrial is up in heavy trading with a market cap at present of 17511.34 as I am writing this piece. That's the good news first but now here is the crying towel for everyone portfolios. The Dow and Nasdaq both reports down 35.84 on average below the belt which is certainly causing jangled nerves on investors who worrying about their pension and retirement plans. Well, lets see how I am doing so far with my predictions on market analysis this week? Ok..Let's recap I said we are going to have a bright beginning on Monday but watch out for the Bears who are going to run away with the cake as the week continues. I hate to say the truth but you know I am going to say it anyway, that hope you've got a whole roll of Rolaids for your nervous stomach this week. Put on the skiing skills your going to need it were going downhill folks with the markets this week. Better consider investment in bonds and safe haven investments until we get a course correction. It's only going to get worse before the course correction happens this month. Usually this correction happens on a Monday or Tuesday towards beginning of the month but August is really showing  a lot of market volume with volatility below the belt line underpins. To put it into perspective it's horrible for the normal investor who is charting any gains out of the markets this month. Then you get people like me who are controlled contrarians who love to watch the markets tank. Time to get in the market when everyone else is saying how awful everything is doing bailout. While people are losing their shirts on skiing downhill not me I am cleaning up on cheap beaten down stocks. You see being a contrarian is different you gotta know when to pull the buy triggers to get the good deals. You have to chart the buy signals on the markets when you see the the spike then you see the crisis set in when the spider bite hurts at the peak and the stock is out of gas, then you see the revving engine doing free fall in the stock sinking like the Titanic. When you see this on a Bears market you pull the triggers and get out your broom to start sweeping in the cheap sweet broken stocks. You can even do this with short term gains in ETF and repeat the same succession in bonds too. Button down investment isn't easy but then being a sensible investor takes years of research combined with sometimes getting killed on your portfolio positions to really realize you'll have to do it right. I always harp on doing your research carefully using all your characteristic charting data. You really need to develop a model of your positions that create a policy that puts you in the drivers seat. How do you do this you asking me? Taking your chart data for all your investment positions and then start making lifecycle charts for all the investments you presently own. I will tell you when your finished doing it compare it to your investment plan then the shock factor will set it realizing how many mistakes your making in your portfolio. I suggest at this point you'll start making changes by dumping underpaid and under performing stocks, bonds in your portfolio. You still need to have the usually core important diverse dividend paying stocks that do the heavy lifting keeping you adding money to your portfolio. It's critical to consider which diverse dividend payers are making sufficient money to keep them too. By following these simple investment principles you'll guarantee a 80 20 success ratio gains in your investments. You'll be the leader in your positions and overall portfolio meanwhile everyone else is a stupid sucker who didn't do their homework. Don't paste sucker on your forehead do everything right and you'll beat both the bulls and bears at their own game on the markets.

Have a Blessed Day..

Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Stock Report

Hello my business and investor friends I have some interesting news to be happy about that I want to share it with all of you. Remember my prediction last week about a upward market movement? Well  here it is today just as I said it would happen with the behavior of the big boys of herd running hot and heavy investing in cheaper market stocks. Yes, Monday really is at 2:30pm today a bright picture with most all the indexes posting a whopping 35 point gain on all US markets. This is certainly really important to note considering last week we all got bludgeoned to a pulp as the Dow,NASDAQ and S And P took a seriously bad nose dive on bad economic news. The Treasury T-Bill and other government both short and long term notes are changed to a higher increase standard. Then you add another chink in the financial armor when the Fed decided to add another 1.5 percentage points to the discount lending rate. This just fueled the fire last week to send the shivers of woes through major market investors causing the herd to change course with a bundle of jangled nerves. Yup folks visions of another 100 plus point crash sent everyone running for the exit door to bailing out. Not so this week I think this is a course correction that will certainly last longer with more underarm support front overseas investors who win see a good opportunity to buy cheaper technology beaten down stocks. Don't forget that last week those same stocks were seriously undervalued giving many options for contrarian investors like myself to buy in big beaten down stock. The old adage is still true that if you want to make money on your portfolio then buy cheap below the belt and sell above the neckline is the way to do it. True there is many ways to make money on your portfolio positions but not all of them work to your advantage. You always got to do common sense investment by doing your careful research looking at McD and underpinned link lines. It's very important to look at stock curves to see if the stock your charting is going upward or going down like the Titanic in the cesspool tank..Note that if you've done your projection charts correct in combination with current market data you'll be better in a position to pull the buy trigger when stock is a good buy. I always find this works for me when involved in investment in a controversy type stock or bond. Thinking carefully about your short term and long term portfolio plan before you ever put your hard earned money into the markets is a important thing to do. Create a investment plan for not short and long term will help you achieve your stated goals. I get regular questions and comments asking for advice on how and where to correctly invest your financial net worth. The answer is you have to decide in the beginning what you want to achieve and go pursuing it in the positions your holding. Now to what you'll see this week?? I think looking at my charting here it's really conclusive that this week will see a few bumps in the road. Market investors will react to news coming from the political front including some economic news that will cause Wall Street to reach for the container of Rolaids to soothe upset stomach nerves. We will achieve a plateau on Wednesday with another next level upswing but by Friday you'll see markets level out to a steady 15 point average above the baseline. So what's going to decide this factor will be good economic numbers from the real estate with a sharp increase in new home sales. You will see additional important information from housing sector with a report on first time home buyers upside data spurring growth. Let's see what type of victory were going to sing at the end of business close bell ring on the Dow Jones Friday afternoon.

Have a Great Day.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Economic News

Well last week was admittedly a real big flop on blogging due to feeling illness. This put my ordinary writing on this blog back to the stone age which didn't help my normal readers stay informed about stock markets and business. Today my readers here I am going to do a lot of market analysis giving you the necessary details for my predictions for the beginning of this week. Yes, there is a lot of new trends in the market for this for this week and month that I you want to know. The first thing I want everyone to know about there's a market downswing last week is that its a short term trend. Today is Monday it's 12:15 p.m you're seeing a total reversal in the markets from last week with certain gains being posted on technology sector. Looking at current underpinnings popular stocks show more volatility due to economic worries which is driving everything earlier this week week. As this week goes on you will see greater market stability happen as more technology companies get there stock earnings reports that will bring some good news . First quarter earnings reports for major companies in America shows a mild increase and overall better  profitability than last year. Year 2014 earnings reports where a disaster for corporate America with major companies losing big on the Dow Jones combined with being  clobbered by weakening of the Dollar. You add a larger problem with cheap imports from China and Malaysia etc this drove American business to a all time low in corporate earnings. This year so far is significantly different with more important upside to smile about in American business. You see it in every sector of business posting growth that is above the neckline on all available current data which certainly is good news for bankers,investors and CEO of major companies. I think your going to see more volume in the major markets because the economy is getting better this year. Yes, your going see continued volatile data make investors and business running away temporarily from investing. This is a shorter trend because the factor that drives this is the banks and the Federal Reserve. Let's face it last year credit was scarce to obtain and banks weren't into lending for new business start ups in year 2014. Totally different this year most businesses are making a profit and corporate overhead is down making a better favorable climate for business. So the current direction we are heading American business and the Dow Jones will definitely profit more this month on the short term. The long haul is not written yet so we will have to see what happens with big business in the third quarter this year.

Have a Great Day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Business, Stock Market Updates

Good morning, my awesome inspired readers of this blog, I hope were all excited to get out there making some big green bucks. Well without further a do I am hitting the pavement running this morning with some news and predictions to report here. First piece of the financial picture is that this morning the market snapshot isn't favored for the buyer of stocks. Looking at the markets everyone is down by a large points volume. Wall Street still continues a selling binge as it did last week with both large institution and corporate investors bailing out of the markets. The reason for this sell signal on the markets is in advance of corporate tech companies reports for this quarter. Technology company earnings for this quarter are down which is also causing the herd to feel insecure about stock future,ETF and mainstream technology stocks. The added with the underpinnings on the markets still shows a shaky downhill curve on market data charts. This all contributes to investors continue to move their portfolios to safety havens like T Bills government bonds and shorting cheap stocks to make money. This may sound like a prescription for a roll of. Rolaids but when you've looked at the charting characteristics for this early week you'll understand why people are bailing out. The woes persist from last week with more bad news in corporate earnings still on it's way. You combine this change with the dollar up 1.64 against most all the other global currencies except China this is causing flat economic GDP performance on the index. Market speculators are pushing profits into other safety havens to avoid a sudden market contortion that will hurt their long term investments. You add it up this week is pretty much going to continue the same with radical shifting of wealth into a safety zone. This is what I see happen so far and I don't see that going to change until maybe after corporate profit reports come out. When all this happens you might see some market indexes upswing but it won't be a radical climb given the overall pressure of the woes in the current economy.

Let's all become Billionaires!!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Important Friday News

The markets are about to close for this week with some important news to report to my investment and business readership I am not one to delay this new trend in the markets today so here's the nuts and bolts. We started this week with the markets overall under the benchmark of the neckline on most of the indexes. Yes, some bright spots happened this week but after those faded into the background Wall Street players went on a selling binge. The reason for the sell signals is very clear with a lot of major stocks losing their position being down average 20 points. Meanwhile small time investors chose to put their money into the short term bonds market waiting to see which way the indexes are moving. Most investors playing it safe this week chosen important investment vehicles like ETF and T Bills included to avoid market down shifting. The dollar posted some gains against the Yen,Dauchemark,Pound and other global currency this week. This contributed to a slow reversal mid week on some stocks but overall it's not enough to change the below average stocks at close of trading bell Friday today. What'll happen next week I am convinced by looking at the charts data is hot markets upward movement with a lot of roses to take advantage of next week. Your going to see a sunny side up of the markets underpinnings which will contribute to a above the neckline performance. Large investors will buy heavy in the telecom,oil,gas,utilities and cheap underwater stocks to drive the markets to a rally about 80 points by middle week. This is going to be driven by other important news about the presidential campaign and other hot economic data will further the cheers on the market rally. This is what I see for next weeks market prolonged market upswing. Let's see if I am right and have a great weekend.

Have a Blessed Day..

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