Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Mixed Review

Well,today I am joyful to start back writing my business and stock investment analysis on a weekly basis. Except for the nagging sneezing and sniffles I so happy to get back in the saddle with my laser point critical focused reports. Today is Friday and yup you guessed it right I didn't unfortunately make writing my Wednesday resume to writing here. Well,I am back in the saddle again,ridlin my horse or critical analysis and sometimes being a crisis analyst. Lol.. Ok.. Let's get into the points of interest so my readers can start Yellen at the markets too.. Ok I guess I couldn't resist that one because agrees back again tinkering with the Fed interest rates. By now you kinda figures it the very famous Janet Yellen that is Fed Chair Bankers favorite pet and the stock markets Alcoholic and Tums prescription drugs dependency. Yes,when she excitedly exclaims how wonderful it's going to be with another federal interest rate hike. Investors and even bankers worldwide go what? Oh No! Not Again!! So,that is exactly what's going on with her Fed Bankers peers trying to put a smooth spin on her propensity to be Yellen at the markets,business and bankers globally. Worries have this weeks investors and business people preparing for the worst with moving their investments offshore to safety zones. On the lighter side of things the economy chugging along at average 4% for this quarter is helping provide some hope of the ongoing recovery. The problem ia for all this bridge to bright spot that were walking on looking forward we forgot to look at the tree stump of new increase in unemployment claims which added another 60,000 to the 244,000 already in the system. So,we just fell flat on our face with no paying jobs available in the economy. Getting up off the ground,looking so much hope at other good peaches we decided to try eating one but that is a bitter one. Why? The stock markets overseas went into the toilet with Canada down average 55 points,Asia markets drowned themselves into red zone average 245 points,Europe got shot lighter with average 15 points, the good peach that we pulled out of this bitter basket is America market up 3.65 average on the Down Jones while other US markets post average 7 points. Housing starts,new home sales jumped to a all time record high. Record investment in new property purchases help drive the leaders over the declining issues by a small margin. Health care sector output out performed other sectors which is another economy bright spot. So,overall this week got some things briefly to cheer about but other economic factors caused investors and business people to weigh their options in bailout,move offshore or stay in the current portfolios and plan investments. I expect this to continue to effect investors and business,bankers and business people as they begin to looking at what to do from a prospective Federal Bank blood bath rate hike. So,this is how I see things shaping up for next week ahead about business and investment.

Have a Wonderful Weekend,
H.M. Scotland
Hon. John Norton

Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Shares of Pain

It's always of interest to this global readership when I write a report that people love. I know some of you are probably shaking your head saying to yourself I know something about the markets this week. It's going the way I want it because the Dow climbed up to 60.41 over Thursday,finished Friday with this upmarket. Thursday seen some worried investors trying to read the position that the Federal Central Bank might be taking on interest rates. This feelings of insecurity was mixing with corporate technology stocks,energy,construction,consumer goods,jobs factors in upward small  markets movement through yesterday. Morning bell opened today on Wall Street with optimism that certain markets like energy,telecoms,oil,natural gas,utilities,tech stocks would push advancing issues over declaring issues by two to one market margins. Light sweet crude oil still factors into the herds mentality of bulls charging out of the starting gate with high excitement over oil prices coming into alignment with production quotas. That did effectively change the market underpins with a sketchy ups and narrow drops on the market charts. In studying the charts you will see market movement indicators with dips,plateaus,upward or downward moves on the charts. Good market people will watch,wait until charts show a clear buy or bail signals,then pull the trigger on their portfolios. All seasoned markets traders will scrutinize the data charts carefully before making any decision to buy or bail on portfolio investments. Having said that moving on to the rest of Friday in how the markets finally finished this week. Today investors got whacked with a double dose of pain starting with the Federal Jobs Report. When investors and business global got finished with drinking morning coffee,eating breakfast. The first picture of ugliness hit them with the Jobs Report shows that unemployment climbing up again which just added to the feelings of flat income earnings,possible return to long unemployment lines. Then just as people swallowed the first part of pain out comes Federal Central Bank with saying " Yes,we feel that a triple rate hike will jump start the economy spread over the separate increases". Banks,business and investors just felt " What's That? Your going to do what ? triple rate hike...what you totally lost your mind? Thanks Federal Central Bank you just clobbered me by remote control!! Now I got to figure out how I am going play it safe on all my business,real estate and investment portfolios without losing my shirt in the process. Now those Fed Bankers found new ingenious ways to take my money without every consulting me is the attitude on Wall Street and Main Street. Global people just watched in horror as again the Fed Bank proceeded to rip the rug out from under people. The Canadian markets shows the overall effects with it down average 10.25 points. American markets reached a difficult different conclusions with a nice upward moves. Asian markets went downhill skiing with average charts average out to be 79.10 .. European markets were up today unlike yesterday which seen a huge amount of volatility posted modest gains of average 19.25 points,that is available average it out on all the markets indexes combined. So,what's the new week going to bring in global markets and business? Actually a lot more bright spots to look forward to next week,when we get a new look at overall corporate earnings. Real estate going to weigh in with showing a modest increase in new homes construction. Pending buyer markets in home sales,more economic news from this Treasury on health of the economy going to be a factors. Expect that the first part of next week will be focused on these economic factors,which will push the global markets to go past the 20,000 overall markets volume for the first time from memory. The total market volume on the Dow achieved 19996.48.set a new volume record on the markets today. You'll see market reach euphoria when the markets go up past the 20,000 markers next week. So,this is my current analysis of the closing Friday report for this week on markets and business.

Everyone have a great weekend,see you on Monday when I do my critical analysis again.

H.E. UN Secretary General
H.M. Scotland
Trial Lawyer
UN Prosecutor

John F Norton Jr.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sceptics Market Rules

I am publishing this late today,due to my multitude of usual government commitments. So,here we are it's Wednesday with my middle week markets and business analysis. Hum..Where to start on such a busy roller coaster on Wall Street?  I guess it makes sense to start at the beginning today and end with the closing bell. The market started out galloping when the markets opened posted gains of negative average on morning trading. As we got closer to 12.00 pm mid day the Federal Central Bank report came out with a feeble idea of where were heading. This fueled investors cynicism and skepticism with "Alright they just said their going to ease up the interest rates and we may see some future inflation in the near term future" Investors said Ha what's that supposed to mean? Pause. . I yet get it their trying to cushion the blow before they rip the rug out from under all of stupid suckers" Followed by Oh ya their hiding something up their sleeves, ya I bet I know it's double digit interest rates hike and they want to make us all choke, when they hit us with the second knockout. Yup, huge inflation returns to center stage, oh man better plan for this bad ride cause where about to get creamed" Time to plan a strategy that keeps my assets safe so I can weather this storm. So,will investors and business people they just shook their heads going unfortunately what's next. Through the day the Tuesday and now Wednesday you see the market jitters playing out with radical swings up and down all in the same day. You see it included in foreign markets with Asian markets rallied up some only to reverse course on Federal Bank worries,Canada Markets are brighter but only posted a benchmark position of about average 15.00 points,European markets went negative average 28.00 points average on charts data,American markets definitely the bright spot up 60.18 on the Dow,NASDAQ posted modest gains 17.00 available average charts compared. Light sweet crude oil still continues to be a global markets factor because it's volume is up but the price volatility is driving both producers and consumers onto a see saw problem that's got both sides of the fence not happy about it. Overall as I write this the markets shaping up to be more sketchy near future on both investors and business. Your going see a few minor course corrections as we head toward closing bell Friday. That is unless the markets jitters become grabbing for the Tums bottle and quickly swallow it choking on OMG what's this!!!
I think were going see not a easy transition to Friday bell closing. It's definitely going to be interesting to find out how institutional investors deal with the markets shifts this week which is going to be a bigger factor. If they see things going sour then you'll see them playing it safe zone or some bailout which will have larger market effects.

Everyone have a great day,see you Friday for that report.

H.E. UN Secretary General
H.M. King of Scotland
John F Norton Jr.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Maniac Investors Monday

Well,it's time to get the party hangover with celebrating New Year and get into the office doing some work. Today not your average day on the business and investment sides of making money. So,I am just going hit the ball as hard as I can with my analysis,here's hoping I am going to be achieved Pluto accuracy. Lol.  Yup.. I got to get you all warm and fuzzy feeling before I drop the analysis bombs on your head. Ready. .Set. . Go! Were suffering a global shock factor after the effects of all those tonic margaritas have worn off. Why? Your looking at your portfolios balance sheets going "UH that not possible I lost so much money" Then that next ugly thought comes to mind,I had better make sure that doesn't happen again or I am going picking a new home to live in soon and it's not the nice one I got now. Better call my broker and tell them I want to shift my assets to a safety zone. This is what's happened several times in 2016 when the global markets reversed course. It caught many people unexpectedly in a vacuum leaving them scratching their head and scrambling to bailout before they got hit with a tidal wave. You see year 2016 the markets made several radical shifts and course corrections that screwed the pooch with a lot of people who didn't bother to chart the markets. They stupidly put their future retirement on market autopilot and paid terrible consequences for doing it. Instead of screwing the financial pooch they lost their shirts combined with retirement savings,income included. Several times the markets did a sheer vertical swan dive which average about 600 points. Talk about investors,business people yelling OUCH with the unexpected pain combination with grabbing the Tums bottle gulping a handful down with water. Unfortunately people who thought that they were in safety market zones,woke up the next day, checking their portfolios,with ugly shock and fear looking at what just happened. Well,I am brutally critical in my analysis,sorry to see it happen but see I told you so. If you were smart in year 2016 you used every market opportunity to your advantage while using your chart data to find the truth in global business and markets investment. The smart ones on Wall Street made a huge dump truck full of money out of that markets while the rest of the herd sobbed and cried foul when reality hit them, "I stupidly screwed myself,so now what do I do to get back what I lost?" Too late for the ones who blatantly ignorant that didn't know what to do and when to stay or bailout in their positions in their portfolios. I get a lot of global readers who comment saying your brutal in your analysis and very critical but honestly I have to say I learn a lot from reading this blog. In writing this blog in about ten years I never expected it would become such a important global influence in business,banking and financial everything. I find it's wonderful that it's being considered a mainstream credible source of information on business and financial investing. It's even being read by the US Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Bank ( Central Bank) which has quoted this blog many times reference to something written here. This blog even been quoted on CNN,Bloomberg and several other mainstream media outlets for a variety of positive reasons and issues. So,I know it sounds like I am tooting my horn on my blog impact on making money and financial policy but I feel it's a milestone for me. I actually started this blog based on a idea of writing about subjects I know and excel at expressing them. Ten years later this blog has a vast global readership that climbed beyond 30,000 active readership and continues shooting to the moon adding more readership daily. It's actually so huge the global readership that people keep posting comments asking me to put up a website dedicated to my analysis. So,I have decided that I am going satisfy the global consistent requests for a website that I get every week,so 2017 I hope to get this accomplished. Well,I sort of went off track with doing my analysis here for a moment. Now back to answer the analysis final question for the week ahead on market investment. I think this year's going to be huge in how many swings and shifts were going to experience. Already the signs are that investors are running a market fever and very nervous about what and when the Fed Bank going to do with economy and interest rates. You add to it that investors and business people global got clobbered last year with economic problems,interest rate hikes,flash crashes,low bond markets and ETF,Future markets volatility plus other key factors in play. This explains why investors,business people are playing the short game,close to their  belt links believing this will stop mistakes they did last year. It's a wise decision to do it until the markets sort themselves out,the beginning of this year as to what direction they are going to do. Once the markets finally finish this volley of see saw up and down in this beginning of 2017. You'll begin to see a clear picture of where were headed direction combined with what coming down the pike at us. This will then be fueled by good news in consumer confidence with  housing,retail,short term corporate profits and other factors will fuel market rallies this year 2017. So their you have it folks what I think analysis of how,what we all can expect from this new year.

Have a Great Day,

Hon. H.E. UN Secretary General
H.M. King of Scotland
John F Norton Jr.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year

I just want to thank all my blog global readership for your continued support. I hope everyone on this new years evening has a wonderful year 2017. Peace be with you.

H.E. United Nations Secretary General
H.M. of Scotland
Hon. John F Norton Jr.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday Market Report 12/30/16

Well,today their are lots of market changes including this week to put some sunshine on it. I am not going to get very technical analysis on all the dynamic global shifts. I am going to just make this report more simplified since I still have other issues today to deal with finding solutions. This week seen many brief bright spots in how the markets have reacted based on stock,bonds trading performance. So,I'll start with the beginning of the week and finish with today's data on global markets. We started the week with a dollar levels above the neckline against both European currency and slightly lower preforms on Canada and Asian markets. This means that with this trend it's going to usually continue the rest of the week which is what happened on end of closing bell on Wall Street today Friday. We next started the beginning of the week with serious scepticism about crude oil prices which have been steadily slipping. So,this has a chilling global effects on both global prices and combined with increased amount of supply. This is a market driving factor in financial markets view of stay or bailout in global investments. The second factor is global GDP which has posted a meager gain of 3.6 points available average on charts. The third thing is global trade which has seen some serious volatility this week,it's origin is actually on a chart a lot on longer term projected positive gain usually 6 months. The fourth factor is both energy and technology sectors which have seen this week under performance. Stocks have lost all the gains in the beginning of the week to close out on Friday bell mostly available average of 24 points on American markets, Looking at overseas markets the difference is more profound with Canada down average 40 points.European markets posted improved gains with average 15 points. Asian markets declined available average 80 points over this week period. Real Estate posted small gains in new home construction meanwhile the opposite effect happened in decline in new homes sales. So here we are Friday with the markets on Wall Street showing weak performance barely able to get above the belt. My prediction is this is going to continue into next week from beginning to about Thursday afternoon when we will see some exciting news about corporate profits. The other news is that OPEC will make a change in global supplies and prices will change to something better. I think the last thing we will see is a new Federal Bank report on economic health which will provide some interesting development in the markets.
This is how I see things for the close of this week for my market research and analysis. Have a great weekend everyone.

Hon. H.E. UN Secretary General
HM King Scotland
John F Norton Jr.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Current Crude Oil Chart

Hello Folks,

Check out the Crude Oil Chart,you'll find some interesting new data in it after OPEC recent production cut decision.

John Norton

Creating Market Watch Again

Well,it's Monday time to start to blog again after being unable to do this for awhile. I said I was going to return to doing this financial,investment and business blog but unfortunately I got to be really busy. The point is unfortunately I just didn't do it but here I am now writing something important. Reflection on how long I actually am a blog author is usually something I don't have the time to do. I think from memory it's ten years I actually writing this blog online for all the world to look at,comment on my valuable insights into business and financial investing. The stock markets this month have been and still are volatile because of uncertainty about the new rate hike the Federal Reserve Bank did recently. I see the overall shock factor in business CEO,banks and investors when the Federal Central Bank announced this rate hike is just the first one to hit people globally. "Were going to space the rate hikes over a long period of time,so it will jump start the sagging economy." You have to be kidding because CEO,Investors,bankers paused to consider that overall statement. The next reaction is UH OH followed by reaching for the Tums antacid,quickly swallow while contemplate what next to do. Then reality hits Oh SH..... their goes my retirement funds,better call my broker to preserve what I got,hedge my risk,hopefully I don't get raped by another market crash. The volume in the US markets is up a lot which has temporary plus for those who've gotten recently clobbered by European Bank tinkering with Europe monetary system. You have to remember we are a heavily connected global earth,when one seaming minor things happens financially it's goes usually global pain effects. Market instability fever spreads like wildfire from just one or a series of financial events. You see the global effects when the Fed starts making decisions that cause peoples nerves to be jangled. Some will try to hedge their market risk by moving their investments into a safe zones such as utilities,transport,main stream retail stores like Wal-Mart,Target and manufacturing sectors. Most will just get total panic stricken and bailout of everything in their portfolio accounts. This negative herd mentality spreads like wildfire through Wall Street,Main Street and then it goes global with people pushing the panic button. That's when you see a huge global markets constriction with people getting run over in the process trying to stop the global tidal waves from hitting them. Business people are notorious for seeing the tidal waves and bailout before they lose it all. The unfortunate dopes that didn't see it heading their way,they got run over,swept out to sea,portfolio accounts went from wealth to poverty in the space of a day or a few days. Market investment is just like owner of a business because it's filled with huge risks.  Once you make the commitment to doing it,invest in it,your putting yourself out their to be either a successful business or your going to mowed over by the competition. Alright enough of my analysis of business and portfolio investment. I do hope everyone enjoys reading my naked critical analysis of business and profits on investment included.

Have a Awesome Blessed Day,

John Norton

Hon. H.E. UN SG (Planetary Leader)
Hon. H.M. Scotland

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