Friday, September 18, 2015

Stock Advisor Report

This stock advisor report is for Friday 09/18/2015 with market conclusion based on broad indexes globally.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday Investment Report

This is my stock investment report for Wednesday 09/15/2015

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Business Journal

I have decided to restart my weekly business video magazine due to lots of requests for it. Previously it gained lots on popularity on YouTube for me doing it. Well,now you can go to YouTube channel (Yaway2) Business Journal to watch my video magazine ever week. I will post it for everyone to watch it so look for information that will help you with your businesses.

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Monday Stock Investment Report -(09/14/2015)

Hello, blog readers watch my YouTube video online now for Monday. Yes, unfortunately it's late due to being busy here, so it includes Monday and Tuesday this week.
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Friday Market Watch 09/11/2015

This week my market predictions have had technology hiccups unfortunately which is why my report is late.  Yes I am publishing the on Saturday do to the fact that my technology has been causing a problem. I am late in posting this report to this blog here but you'll see a few interesting market changes. I want to first start off with how the market has reacted all this week to all the volume. You do see a a lot changes in how the market started up the first of the week. Now you have numerous changes on the bottom of the markets that caused the downturn. Lets look at the causes for why this happens so everyone knows what to look at in charting it. The week set off on a course of plummeting mania with the jitters over the new fed jobs report which shows a small increase in additional new jobs added for working Americans. Then you tee off at the fairway shooting a angle slice right into the tree. Investment advisors looking at all the data coming at them tell dumb smucks that don't really read charts to market bailout. Then you got the institution guys who got scared about their government pension plans panic stricken head for the exit door. Worldwide others in the banks combined with bell weathers big money types of investors just held their ground. The end result is what you see mostly everyone got scared,panicked and sold their positions in their portfolio. The exit continuation from Monday became a monsoon downpour by the close of bell of Friday end of business day on Wall Street. You see that the Dow dropped average about 265 points on the charting index table with the NASDAQ,Standard and Poors all following suit down below the belt line. True to what China has learned about Wall Street panic herd mentality it started buying up tons of American debt and cheap stock  investments. This just worsened everyone worrying thinking that China going to leverage buy on the pain that everyone else's feeling in their portfolios. It will be interesting to see what happens after Labor Day vacation when everyone has to face the grim facts of their portfolios losses.  I think sensibly the first day Tuesday will wipe out most of last weeks losses with some information coming out that will raise speculations of global market gains. The fact of such a rosey picture will quickly fade away by Wednesday when common sense returns to the herd. You'll definitely see by Thursday a return to gloomy output and more people buying Rolaids to stop the pain of a downhill skiing without ski poles. So what about Friday you ask? ? Good question. . A totally flipped flop on the markets globally will effectively change the herds direction on Wall Street to thinking that sweet roses and wine has come back in morning only to get clobbered later in the day by another tidal wave of bad news from the Fed Bank and the Treasury Department on the health report on the American economy. This ones going to make people really pause and consider where we are heading in which direction. The smart people with the right tools are going to hedge their risk and opt. to stay in the markets waiting for the next leg up in valuation. Following the herd will certainly do one thing it will get you stepping on running which ever direction they are moving. You got to be smart by doing yourself a favor and follow your own charts hedgehog your own risks in the positions you own. This will make you a winner instead of a stampede of investors feeling sick over all their mounting losses.

HaVe a GrEaTe DaY..

Note:  Watch the YouTube video link for Friday September 11,2015.

Friday Market Watch (September 12,2015)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wednesday (Economic Troubles)

This news Wednesday is coming to you later than I expected to post it I took a few days vacation from here to catch up on other important issues at hand. Now to the important impact that I see with market analysis combined with the state of that economy. Here we go with the unappealing facts we are facing coming at us soon. 1. Global sell signs again are evident everywhere that contortions in the economy are going to happen again Why? We already gone through one global markets distortion and then subsequent market vortex vertical drop with China combined with other economic power nations selling off everything. 2. Markets reached a knee jerk reactions global by a deeper gut wrenching sellout that sent the markets plunging downhill with no approach landing on a airport. 3. Jobs report within the last month shows weakness in new employment data adding below average performance registers only about 400,000 new jobs for current quarter. This adds to the current misery index of wages in America didn't keep pace with overall inflation currently. 5. The overall GDP is down by about 4 percent which is a performance predictor of economic health. 6.Federal Reserve going to jack up the discount rate to another appalling rate hike of possible 9 percent.  You add all this up with unpopular underpins in chart data currently it's all spells out another deeper crash coming starting within the next few weeks ahead. This one is going to hurt globally most particularly American investors who didn't plan for this happening. Sound the warning bells by the time economic TV networks and Wall Street figures it out their going to late to avoid the gigantic tidal wave hit them. So what do I do you ask?  Well you could take the idiots approach by leaving everything as is in your portfolio doing a buy and hold strategy. Your going get creamed with substantial loss in devastating devaluation of your net worth. You could just be a different kind of investor who follows the herd which ever way the wind blows. Your going to get cry foul as you get crushed by a stampede running away out the exit door while the financial TV networks tell you everyone's going to be alright. Now for the smart students of investment who do their education by following the data not emotional suicide. You got to screw your head on straight with logic by waiting for the bottom of the crash to happen. Only sell spare stocks,bondsT-Bills etc. that are losing money over a long time, you don't need them. Convert them into usable net worth that you can reinvestment when you buy in big at the bottom of the markets. This will increase your stake in the investments you buy overall because now you got exactly what you need extra money to invest. If you use this structure strategy then your going to beat the markets ever time by a huge margin. Don't be a lame duck who portrayed success, then reached a plateau of stupidity and flopped on the pavement crying foul. Do it smart young wisdom and knowledge, look at your data,use your charting capacities,make common sense decisions, you'll make a growing fortune while the rest of the herd went broke.

Take Care,
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Remember:  Wealth is a factor of knowledge and how you use it.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Markets

I am sitting here writing this post the markets closed up today but globally the sell signals are still happening. I am going make it really short that the global market selling will slow down. You will begin to see next Monday a larger course correction going upswing gaining about 100 points. This will bring hope to investors who lost big in the markets earlier this week. It's a roller coaster ride to the bottom last week going downhill hitting a low of 588 or more on the broad market indexes. What a week for investors who didn't learn anything from my blog corner of the world. The smart readers tuning into my blog used my information gain traction in the downturn making money. The other poor saps on both Well Street and Main Street lost their shirts going bankrupt. It pays to be informed when you really want to make money in a bear market. I want to apologize to my readers this week for not posting on my regular Monday Wednesday,Friday schedule. I normally do post here but I am busy this week so I haven't been doing it as I normally do. Hope everyone has a nice weekend and read my post Monday.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Market Wrap Up

Well, today we see that my predictions of mud slides in the markets actually turned into a larger amount of downhill vertical free fall this morning. I predicted that the bears are going to go cracked up crazy selling everything they have trying to get out the exit door with the herd all getting crushed in the process. I am right as usual with the Dow Jones posting current data at 141.15 minus dive in the pit head first. Then you'll have to add like I predicted the NASDAQ,Standards and Poors etc all hitting the accelerator going down to pit with it. Yup, you think that's bad at the time of writing this blog post just look at the global markets they all have followed suit going average from 100 to 535 points doing a verified vertical nose dive. You got to bailout everyone the crazy bears are driving drunk drunk wanting to bailout..Oh wait a minute that right I am a contrarian I just remembered.. I got to thinking for a moment about all my emotional state with the mountain of losses in my positions in my portfolio.. I am so emotional I panicked like the rest of the herd running for the exit door crushing everyone on the way out. No. I just regained composed mental state now I am thinking rational here about all the good deals that this crazy crash is offering me. While everyone is popping Rolaids and drinking whiskey running away feeling pain I am looking at all the cheap deals in stocks,bonds and other investment vehicles available this morning. Your losses folks that your getting punished with in the markets I am busy in buying frenzy for me raking in profit like it's cotton candy. I am buying cheap and selling it on the margin shorting the stocks, bonds ETF etc making money. The more important longer term dividend payers I am buying at frenzy sweeping cheap beaten down investments into my portfolios. While the globe is saying how much everything sucks in the investment world I am filled with hot joy laughing all my way to the bank. I guess you get my strategy I love a market drop when it happens like this today. I am getting wealthy on other poor suckers misery index where the markets do mud slides downhill.. I can't wait for it to drop 300 or 500 points then I will increase my positions to becoming the Warren Buffett of market wealth.. Let's ride today with me in the driver seat while you'll be singing and whistling Dixie meanwhile everyone else is got out their crying towel..

Have a Awesome Day..

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