Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday Market Analysis

This week certainly seen some important data come out from the Treasury and the Fed Central Bank. Looking at the current US markets as the opening bell rings earlier this morning some interesting things you see in trends on the indexes. Lets get into the hardware and consume the hard facts about the markets downhill. First you see that in general the Peaks upbeat above the neckline are very sharp which anyone who trades in the markets knows that's a surface sign of a course correction coming express train. Usually the deep valleys are gaps in the markets broad index which can be easily judged as a shock factor in the markets. So,you ask what's the contribution factor for the volume volatility? Good Question..Here is the overall response to your questions,it's based on your support factors in the CPI Consumer Price Index,Federal Central Bank,GDP Gross Domestic Product,OPEC Light Sweet Crude Oil Prices,Production Quotas,New Homes Sales,Banking and Brokerage Fiscal Health ie. Credit Valuation,Ratings,Major Players in Corporate America,Global Companies and Financial Exchange Rates all play huge factors global markets shift. Ok let's dig deeper with market analysis so you see where we are this morning and where we are heading as of writing this Thursday morning at 9:31am. Now,for some expert crisis critique on what I am looking at here for the Dow Jones is down 65.34 Standard & Poors down 18.15 on the open bell adjust the rate as the day continues here on modest selling. The Global Markets are all trading downhill slalom Europe feeling the pinch with the German Dad 50 off it's usually upbeat margin now down average 10 percentage points on news that German industry is wading through a swamp land for industrial output. You look individual in-depth into the flaw in the Euro which is floundering on the pending US Fed Meeting in September. Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen is sketchy about the current proposal for a 1% rate hike in the interest rate. Markets global reaction reading her comments reached a concern peak by the hurd in a global hurry to hit the selling triggers. Market analysts have traditionally painted a gloomy picture of this kind of global sell off. The big boys in Wall Street are keenly aware that when this kind of global sell situations happen their is definitely money flooded in the markets. Time for contrarian privateers who are hawks to start scooping up the good deals at bargain basement prices. While everyone threatens to jump out the window of Wall Streets highest buildings,my wife HM Pam L (Porter) Norton are making a huge haul on a loading our freight cars with cheap stocks,bonds precious metals,crude oil,alternative energy,transport etc. We are using our drag nets to make insane huge global profits on all kinds of markets. My wife Pam and I sit and launch into laughter at all the stupid suckers who lost their shirts not doing their market reading,research correctly. While we are beating the markets by a chartered factor of 15 to 25 to one margin on our investment strategies,others cannot even get a measly 5 to one on the markets margin. Well anyone can see why we are a business empire everyone takes a mouthful of Tums and Rolaids worried about who,what our next secret M and A Merger and Acquisition target is on global planet earth. They see the dynamic treo of God, HM John Norton and HM Pam L Norton coming for their business and they go oh no running for the exit doors crying foul because they smell leverage buyout coming. Wifey laughs it sucks to be them,oh well more for us!! Just like our created together Porter Airlines is a industry leader in passenger,cargo transport globally and our global Net A Porter high  fashion clothing,jewelry etc is a founders,created by the both two of us smashing success. So included is our global publishing business with our own design,created layout by us Porter Magazine a huge fashion industry incon success story for HM John and HM Pam L (Porter) Norton. I know I am getting off the analysis drift here this morning but I thought that I would make a few important key points about a married success story. Yup you guess it well I do love my sweet wife Pam a lot a very important fact of life. Hmmm well it's time to post this article,move on to implement more important issues with the United Nations included.

Everyone enjoy your Thursday and have a great day.

Invest Smart in Your Future..
HM John Norton
Hon. UN Secretary General (elected)

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Market Wrap Up

Well,the global markets this week certainly seen a lot of volumes volatility with many winners and losers This morning opened with still more global uncertainty about the Fed Bank interest rate hike. The Fed announced yesterday that it's still split even over a huge rate hike amid worrying that hiking that benchmark will add a global see of investors running for the exit door crying foul. Fed chairman statement early this week seems to trying to calm the nerves of investors whose investments and retirement funds are being directly effectively slashed. Pension funds are always the first wave to feel the Fed Banks heat with pertinent insurers on scene screaming enough is enough with your rate hikes. On the broader front Friday global markets again resumes a mixed swing primary fueled by nervous investors who aren't sure if they should bailout or not. Then you add in the news that OPEC reached a tentative agreement on light sweet crude oil production. This over the beginning of the week fueled extreme pessimism about OPEC abilities to delivery on any new production agreement. Real Estate factors into early this week with a report from the Treasury Department and other agencies combined show new homes construction down but overall homes sales still relatively stagnant. Global markets reached a plateau on Thursday afternoon when big banks like Credit Suisse,Bank America,JP Morgan Chase posted financial reports showing better than expected earnings for this quarter. The S and P 500 and the Dow both reacted to the positive position with a gentle upswing average 28 points. This is very timid on the markets because the bears have been being the usual cynicism calling for investors to bailout while beating the markets by a two to one margin. Today shows some hope at 11:07 am that a market correction is coming with some international news to report. Interest rates for homes dropped about a half percent and the worlds largest retail store chain Wal Mart posted largest profit share gains since the store announced it's global expansion by building additional new stores in America. Other factors have spurred investors to check,change their portfolios into certain specific hubs of safety like transportation sector and energy. Ones like CSX Railroad and Texas Energy Limited plus others have contributed to investors playing the markets long ball hoping to stay in while not suffering a blood bath on their stock options,futures. Getting close to lunch hour time the markets still show that awful sucking sound of disaster looming ahead. You see it in the underpinnings in the global markets and the Dow,NASDAQ the big picture with the macd,russell 500,1000 show steady rollercoaster signals. Well I am a contrarian by nature which means I buy on other peoples pain,market mistakes that I guess explains why my gorgeous wife HM Queen of Scotland Pam L (Porter) Norton and I have built fortune 500 businesses while everyone else floundered and flopped like a wounded duck. Seriously food for thought folks when you try to gain wealth useage of the global markets and real estate etc these are wealth vehicles. Oh, one final note today we beat the markets both of us contrarians buying up companies and playing our hand in the global markets advance our cause determined to beat Warren Buffett at his own game. Watch out Berkshire Hathaway Corp. Warren Buffett or you'll make a mistake,we will walk in and own your businesses.. We are the husband and wife dynamo team of leverage buyouts,mergers and acquisitions..

Invest Smarter not Dumber than the Herd.
HM John Norton

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Missed Blogging..

Well due to being busy with work as a leader in many fields,I have not unfortunately written any good articles here. I guess I go in spurts with writing primary because my time is apportioned doing important leadership items. I woke up today inspired to begin writing again with important news of the day. So many news items I found reading them this early morning before my normal work day starts got me to say to myself,I have to start my writing again. Some days I just don't have any time to work on blogs with my mirage of important responsible to do list items. I am admitting that I have tons of stuff that gotta get done usually with a deadline involved. I am one who is not into procrastinating about task management. My wife Pam L (Porter) Norton pokes me sometimes always in a loving way,telling me today is Sunday dear your not at work. Wife has admitted female depth perception that I cherish along with everything about her. I am lucky,very fortunate to be married to a very loving,kind,caring,thoughtful heart who has two doctoral degrees. I know that with every day of life, I can count on my wife Pam for everything. I know I am blessed being married to a woman who is in the Mensa club,for anyone who doesn't know what that is it's the certificate of genius mental capability. Lucky me I am married to Pam who adds long columns of mathematics in her head,without every using a paper and pencil. Oh yes try quantum physics equations by the boat load,added in my wife Pamela head. I actually challenged my wife to add a column of quantum physics up on a one minute timer ticking down. I then got out the advanced physics book to check the answers,my wife only got one wrong answer out of 20 questions. Well that certainly more convinced me I got Mrs. Right I am married to for a long time. Hum food for thought sitting here writing this,my wife Pam definitely deserves many kisses and huge hug for all her help over 11 years and continues. Well Pam dear if you get to reading this blog sooner. .I Love You... Your both wonderful and amazing woman. Thank you Darling. ..

P.s. marriage with you is a non stop great adventure.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Changes

I certainly haven't been blogging in a while due to being busy combined with some unfortunate health problems which come with older age. So, I back here again blogging about economics,stock markets,investments and business venture capitalism. I still love to do blog writing which increases my knowledge as well as the reader on subjects pertaining to making money. I am so busy with government,business and family responsibility that I haven't had much time to actually sit for a short time writing articles of interest. Well,today I wake up wanting to change lots of things in my life,so I decided to blog again. I hope that globally everyone going to enjoy this blog combined my efforts to write epic articles based on important subjects of business,stock investment and other global economic issues.
Take care everyone,

John Norton

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Missed Wednesday Analysis

Well,unfortunately I got so busy that I forget to post the Wednesday stock report to this blog. Sorry to everyone for not doing it but will try to post everything on schedule,so everyone doesn't miss important detailed analysis.

Have a great day. .

Monday, March 21, 2016

Market Watch Resumes

Monday today it's time to start my market analysis again after a longer time of blog being temporarily suspended. Usually I got to add some jokes,humor to soften up everyone before you'll get the shock truth treatment. Today I am totally analyzing everything so let's get down to business with some lightweight facts. Well, looking at American markets at 4:15pm and all the global markets here is the wrap up. I know I am writing this later than usual but I got a late start anyway on my research today which effects my analytics. Ok ok let's do some inquiries here seeing who made money and who failed on the market indexes globally. First we have the Dow Jones Industrial which gained 25.74 that is up from earlier this part week. Stocks under  preformed last week by a huge markets margin but the Monday shown signs of some strength. Global markets reaction very mixed with Asian indexes going downhill by about 156.43 average meanwhile Canada indexes were up a little by 13.77 approximated.  So the usually strong European markets didn't preform like normal but instead went down sharply today. So,what's this mean for investors who are already wary over bond markets being very challenging to keep hedging risk. Usually a weak bonds market here in America has a catatonic catastrophic effects on Asia combined with European markets all sink. So you ask what's driving this weakness in bonds causing a chain reaction on broad markets globally? Well, the dollar is up and foreign currencies are down which effectively shutdown the stock indexes in foreign markets. We live in a very interconnected world that is based on currency exchanges rates. When we go up in currency value others global fluctuations are definitely felt usually you see foreign markets tank. So this is what we see the beginning of this new week.  Hope everyone got out their rain gear cause it's about to start pouring heavy rainfall.  Markets are notorious for this early week sluggish growth only to reach a plateau then go downhill quickly losing more than originally gained. Hope everyone heeds the warning today. I am going to stick to my original schedule of Monday,Wednesday,Friday writing this blog here so I hope everyone will enjoy it
See everyone Wednesday again here and have a money bags gulf stream net lifestyle because you've found my blog got you wealthy.

Have. A great Day. .

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Twitter Social. .

I finally got to adding,fixing Twitter social media stream using my business Twitter@ rn570 account. Good news now everyone is connected on@ rn570 on Twitter and this blog included so I hope this generates tons of interest in my blog here. Will start creating new impact important business and investment stories this coming Monday so come check it out again here and look on Twitter@ rn570 for more inspired words.

Have a great weekend,
John N.

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