Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Blogging Again. .

I have decided to return to writing again with a focus on writing good articles about economics,business and stock portfolios investment advice. So look for lots of new hard hitting market,business advice with solid professional ideas from a real world of business and investment knowledge.. Just remember folks to follow me here combined with  checking back frequently to see what new posts and powerful ideas I have for business and market direction that will make you wallet growth happen..

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Suitcase Economics

I know that i often hear it from business people that the rate of business industry growth is not what it used to be a decade or two decades ago. This kind of ideas comes from a decade of shrinking corporate profits combined with a large scale shift in buying practices by the consumer. If the answer is to look at your ROI then you see many changes in your bottom line profit margin. So many businesses have to stress speed access to a product or service compared to actual face value of the items itself. This is caused many managers and business owners to change how they advertise,market and overall sales of products or services. Adding to the flexible climate shift  you have all of your competition is outsourcing a lot of product development and manufacturing into foreign countries. This really is putting American business into a newly unknown territory where business is forced to sell their products in a global market. This definitely has major market share plus for business growth but a definition of who you are and what you do is much harder to get in front of the prospective customers. The research speaks for itself in many trade magazines like Forbes who know that it's hard to get your customer to buy from your business because your product,service and message is being drowned out by global competitors. This is why you see less Mom and Pop businesses still open operating in the century we currently live. The factor of globalization has almost wiped out small business in America with a change toward larger retail and global corporate giants able to sell their products on a mass scale. The bigger killer is cheap imports from China,Singapore and Malaysia which reduce the overall quality standards on a market share. By drowning the markets with cheaper foreign goods it's making American businesses who used to enjoy supremacy scramble for the share of whatever markets are available. American businesses are taking the brunt of global changes with more need to address the trade imbalance that still exists with our wealthy partners worldwide. We, that is American business is the engine of creative and ingenuity need to get more involved with lifting up our quality and standards again a a leader in the world..

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Ideas. .

Well i have to admit i haven't been here in unfortunately a long time so i lost probably most of my loyal readers.. Sometimes it takes time to get back into things if you been away from it for a while. I just scanned through all my old post log to my amazement this blog started in 2009.. I cannot believe it really this long i have been writing this business and financial blog. I know that at one point i had hit a milestone in global readership with surpassing the ten thousand marker. I figure that i must have done things right at the time to gather that much readership which doesn't come overnight. I had to unfortunately quit doing this blog and mostly everything else due to health problems which i am happy to report i am feeling increasingly better.. Doctors say if i keep up with my walking and self empowerment program with my health i will be in a great position to be one of the business movers and shakers of the world.. I love my doctors enthusiasm for overcoming difficult goals but in part how can i disagree as he knows more about his field than i do and the same is reciprocal about my being a business expert. So i thought i would do what the doctors told me which is to slowly go back to working full time which includes all forms of work including writing. Things are changing so i am feeling good enough to write again which is actually a good thing since i am a workaholic. So look for a gradual return to this blog as i a written media forum for intelligent business articles that make sense from a business standpoint.. Have a fantastic day today with your business peers and family..

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Business Solutions

Business Solutions To Community Progress

Let’s take a look at who in the business world supports community development.  Many businesses are very active in promoting housing and work-based programs that increase both the awareness and financial support of social community programs. These programs such as Habitat For Humanity, which builds homes for the under privileged, and the United Way Homes for Life Program are all good examples of business and community members working together.

By bringing together these needed resources and the financial backing of the more wealthy companies we build a partnership to solve community problems in both urban areas and the rural population too. Businesses have more freedom to be create change and innovation than what our government is able to do.

The innovators combined with the ceo s of all size companies contribute a combined total of 83 percent of all donations to community sponsored reinvestment programs such as the ones previously listed and many more. Forbes Magazine ranks Fortune 500 list companies that share and contribute the most to community reinvestment and new development by a ladder profile. Companies like McDonalds, Starbucks, Panera Bread, Exxon Mobil, CVS Pharmacy, Shaw’s Supermarkets and many others contribute more per capital in donations and sponsorships than all the others out there.

Most Chambers of Commerce and local and national business groups are heavy involved in civic development and support of charity and community reinvestment. When business and civic organizations join together they are better able to address and manage problems both at the local and national level when there is a need to be filled.

The engine of business is the leaders and problem solvers who can put forward both financial and intellectual resources to get the job done and solve community problems from a more efficient and stable platform than can most any other vehicle that is available.

Looking at cooperative ventures with people of all types shows how businesses can be the catalyst for great changes in a community. They can offer a fresh opportunity for outreach to community leaders and provide more suggestions and solve problems that otherwise would be left to the back burner or never tackled at all. Partnership in a world of everyday change means that you can have both businesses and civic organizations working together to achieve common goals to solve issues that benefit both sides.

Doing this helps us achieve a better community through private business outsourcing, in partnership with civic groups. You are then able to grow a very nice urban or rural landscape that is both aesthetic and functional while also creating new jobs and homes where more people will want to stay and raise their families for all future generation to come. Business is always the solution and will continue to be that functional piece that drives innovative ideas in a inter connected world that we currently live in this millennium.. Businesses are the ones who reach out to better persons lives in concert with government and civic organizations, so that we can grow a better future for everyone.

Turkey Day

Well it's nice to enjoy the holiday season which i certainly did with my lifetime friends Dave and Liz who served up great food,football and lots of laughs Thursday evening. I did however just remember that i forgot my responsibility to you the readers of this blog to post here on Turkey day. So for all the reading public of this blog i am sorry for my being both lazy and late to posting to here. Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and when Monday comes it is time to go back to work.
Have a great Saturday today..

Sunday, October 20, 2013


I know that many of you who read this blog will scratch their head trying to figure out what exactly this word means to a business. The facts i will explain in just a few minutes but before you go wandering off to read something else. Actually synergy in business is really important to know all about it since it deals with your companies front door. You can have great customer service and other parts of your business but if you don't know your synergy your bound to failure even before you have any kind of financial success. Knowingly ignorant of your customers demographics can limit your business in it's ability to provide the right products and services that the buyer wants. If you do your research regularly to find out who will prospectively buy your products based on demographics then you have a leg up on the competition. Pretty simple to understand what that all means but surprisingly a lot of business people fail to use it or don't know about it. Just opening and operating a business is not enough to make you a successful entrepreneur. I know that sounds harsh but being in business is not a nine to five job as it is a career instead to be self employment. You make the right decades of decisions in business that make you a recognized success or you flop and go to the unemployment line.. So choose your synergy well which will make you a long term success in business is the best thing to do..

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Credit Crunch

Well i think it certainly is interesting that my favorite business channel Bloomberg has missed the boat on the credit problem. It used to be that business in America could borrow cheap money to expand with new products or services. These companies shared one conman theme which is easy access to credit financing without the headache of higher interest rates. Lots of things have changed to where banks and lenders have greatly tightened the noose on businesses obtaining loans. This has come as a result of the Federal Reserve printing more money, fewer loans and climbing interest rates.  You add in the Federal Reserve mismanagement of monetary policy which has caused banks to consolidate or go under water on their balance sheets. This all packages up to be that business in America has gone overseas to other countries more favorable tax and credit structure. This is why we have a growing unemployment in the nations workforce because business is being overtaxed,over regulated and credit availability has dropped to a all time low. If you want to make American business function to full capacity you have to fix several problems which are making it harder to do business in this country. The credit problem is choking the life of American business which is the blood of America itself. Yesterday I was watching the nations debt crisis playing out over the mainstream news channels and i thought what about the businesses of America don't they count for something. After all we are the engine that makes America great both large and small business vendors. If you empower business in America then you can solve many of the economic and political problems that this country is currently facing.

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