Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Changes

I certainly haven't been blogging in a while due to being busy combined with some unfortunate health problems which come with older age. So, I back here again blogging about economics,stock markets,investments and business venture capitalism. I still love to do blog writing which increases my knowledge as well as the reader on subjects pertaining to making money. I am so busy with government,business and family responsibility that I haven't had much time to actually sit for a short time writing articles of interest. Well,today I wake up wanting to change lots of things in my life,so I decided to blog again. I hope that globally everyone going to enjoy this blog combined my efforts to write epic articles based on important subjects of business,stock investment and other global economic issues.
Take care everyone,

John Norton

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Missed Wednesday Analysis

Well,unfortunately I got so busy that I forget to post the Wednesday stock report to this blog. Sorry to everyone for not doing it but will try to post everything on schedule,so everyone doesn't miss important detailed analysis.

Have a great day. .

Monday, March 21, 2016

Market Watch Resumes

Monday today it's time to start my market analysis again after a longer time of blog being temporarily suspended. Usually I got to add some jokes,humor to soften up everyone before you'll get the shock truth treatment. Today I am totally analyzing everything so let's get down to business with some lightweight facts. Well, looking at American markets at 4:15pm and all the global markets here is the wrap up. I know I am writing this later than usual but I got a late start anyway on my research today which effects my analytics. Ok ok let's do some inquiries here seeing who made money and who failed on the market indexes globally. First we have the Dow Jones Industrial which gained 25.74 that is up from earlier this part week. Stocks under  preformed last week by a huge markets margin but the Monday shown signs of some strength. Global markets reaction very mixed with Asian indexes going downhill by about 156.43 average meanwhile Canada indexes were up a little by 13.77 approximated.  So the usually strong European markets didn't preform like normal but instead went down sharply today. So,what's this mean for investors who are already wary over bond markets being very challenging to keep hedging risk. Usually a weak bonds market here in America has a catatonic catastrophic effects on Asia combined with European markets all sink. So you ask what's driving this weakness in bonds causing a chain reaction on broad markets globally? Well, the dollar is up and foreign currencies are down which effectively shutdown the stock indexes in foreign markets. We live in a very interconnected world that is based on currency exchanges rates. When we go up in currency value others global fluctuations are definitely felt usually you see foreign markets tank. So this is what we see the beginning of this new week.  Hope everyone got out their rain gear cause it's about to start pouring heavy rainfall.  Markets are notorious for this early week sluggish growth only to reach a plateau then go downhill quickly losing more than originally gained. Hope everyone heeds the warning today. I am going to stick to my original schedule of Monday,Wednesday,Friday writing this blog here so I hope everyone will enjoy it
See everyone Wednesday again here and have a money bags gulf stream net lifestyle because you've found my blog got you wealthy.

Have. A great Day. .

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Twitter Social. .

I finally got to adding,fixing Twitter social media stream using my business Twitter@ rn570 account. Good news now everyone is connected on@ rn570 on Twitter and this blog included so I hope this generates tons of interest in my blog here. Will start creating new impact important business and investment stories this coming Monday so come check it out again here and look on Twitter@ rn570 for more inspired words.

Have a great weekend,
John N.

Friday, March 18, 2016

New Publishing. .

Well,after a bad start to this year both in business combination with my health problems that gotten me to need going to doctors and eventually be hospitalized for more than a week. I have decided to resume publication of this blog including others that I write for a variety of publications. So, I know I have unfortunately lost probably mostly everyone global that was a regular reader of this blog but I hope to gain back my global readership base of approximate 20,000 that I did have originally.  Look for new ideas combined with new market,business analysis every week here..

Have. a great day. .

Monday, December 28, 2015

Holiday Season

I hope that everyone is having a enjoyable holiday season with peace,your family,friends getting together with you to share this important time. I have to post a correction by the way from last post I made a mistake in which I stated that this blog has over 30,000 global readers. I am sorry for incorrect statement it's actually 17,000 plus readers global according to my numbers listed at bottom of blog here. Thank you to all my business,investment readers who make this blog worth publishing...

Have a Blessed Day,

John Norton

Friday, December 18, 2015

Feeling Illness

I am sorry to all my loyal blog reader for not posting anything about stock markets and business analysis. Unfortunately I have and still feeling not well (illness)  is got me for about two weeks over a barrel so I haven't been doing much to provide the critical analysis that everyone has come to expect from this blog. I will definitely resume doing posting here when I feel good again. I thank you loyal global readership of more than 30,000 that read this blog daily. I hope you'll be understanding of the serious nature of why I haven't been posting anything to this blog..
Thank you,
John Norton

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