Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Business, Stock Market Updates

Good morning, my awesome inspired readers of this blog, I hope were all excited to get out there making some big green bucks. Well without further a do I am hitting the pavement running this morning with some news and predictions to report here. First piece of the financial picture is that this morning the market snapshot isn't favored for the buyer of stocks. Looking at the markets everyone is down by a large points volume. Wall Street still continues a selling binge as it did last week with both large institution and corporate investors bailing out of the markets. The reason for this sell signal on the markets is in advance of corporate tech companies reports for this quarter. Technology company earnings for this quarter are down which is also causing the herd to feel insecure about stock future,ETF and mainstream technology stocks. The added with the underpinnings on the markets still shows a shaky downhill curve on market data charts. This all contributes to investors continue to move their portfolios to safety havens like T Bills government bonds and shorting cheap stocks to make money. This may sound like a prescription for a roll of. Rolaids but when you've looked at the charting characteristics for this early week you'll understand why people are bailing out. The woes persist from last week with more bad news in corporate earnings still on it's way. You combine this change with the dollar up 1.64 against most all the other global currencies except China this is causing flat economic GDP performance on the index. Market speculators are pushing profits into other safety havens to avoid a sudden market contortion that will hurt their long term investments. You add it up this week is pretty much going to continue the same with radical shifting of wealth into a safety zone. This is what I see happen so far and I don't see that going to change until maybe after corporate profit reports come out. When all this happens you might see some market indexes upswing but it won't be a radical climb given the overall pressure of the woes in the current economy.

Let's all become Billionaires!!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Important Friday News

The markets are about to close for this week with some important news to report to my investment and business readership I am not one to delay this new trend in the markets today so here's the nuts and bolts. We started this week with the markets overall under the benchmark of the neckline on most of the indexes. Yes, some bright spots happened this week but after those faded into the background Wall Street players went on a selling binge. The reason for the sell signals is very clear with a lot of major stocks losing their position being down average 20 points. Meanwhile small time investors chose to put their money into the short term bonds market waiting to see which way the indexes are moving. Most investors playing it safe this week chosen important investment vehicles like ETF and T Bills included to avoid market down shifting. The dollar posted some gains against the Yen,Dauchemark,Pound and other global currency this week. This contributed to a slow reversal mid week on some stocks but overall it's not enough to change the below average stocks at close of trading bell Friday today. What'll happen next week I am convinced by looking at the charts data is hot markets upward movement with a lot of roses to take advantage of next week. Your going to see a sunny side up of the markets underpinnings which will contribute to a above the neckline performance. Large investors will buy heavy in the telecom,oil,gas,utilities and cheap underwater stocks to drive the markets to a rally about 80 points by middle week. This is going to be driven by other important news about the presidential campaign and other hot economic data will further the cheers on the market rally. This is what I see for next weeks market prolonged market upswing. Let's see if I am right and have a great weekend.

Have a Blessed Day..

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Market Investment Watching

Well I gotta toot my horn because again my prediction about the markets was really accurate. Let's rewind to last week when I said that the Dow Jones world be down about 20 points on the spectrum index. The NASDAQ,Russell 500,1000 and other indexes globally would react to a Wall Street herd mentality running away from the markets with selling frenzy  Looking at the numbers you could easily see that after vacation people got serious about major investment strategy. The shift in the markets reached an all time low on points percentage on Thursday. You witnessed a slight upward in the markets closing out the week. The entire underpinnings effectively changed and capped the performance on major markets on Wall Street by Friday's closing bell.The bright spots in the economic news is that specific upscale  companies like Boeing,Microsoft,Google posted gains which helped the Dow climb out of some of hole from earlier in the week. The NASDAQ reached a reactive point by posting a slightly better positive gains of about 10 points above the neckline. So, here it is a new beginning week for investors, so what do we have to look forward to on the charting of the markets? This is seriously a no brainer folks looking at Wall Street what things are changing the markets this week.You have a global nuclear deal with Iran,OPEC oil price changes for light sweet crude,finance ministers of oil producing nations agreement on production quotas,new real estate  number in America,Federal SEC commissioner appointment which are involved in the overall effects for the startup of this week. Well since I am the great market prognostic guru blogger. This is my prediction for how this week is going to efficiently change the broader market industry indexes. Ready set go. .. I think that this week is going be a market upward momentum with posted gains in certain economic sectors like banking for example. This has recently been hard hit by a change in federal credit oversight. Then looking at the changes that are a result of  the Tarp banking bailouts within the last few years combined with  problems of new bank regulations the markets have seen seriously a decline. You can expect to see real estate to have continued growth which will help boost the overall economy. Looking at another bridge to focus on is the GDP (gross domestic product) which measures overall wealth combined with  production outputs for American companies. You will see a continuing constraint on the GDP because of American total increase in debt to China. The focus in the markets underpinning you will see that the trade deficit will have a definite impact with certain industrialized nations. It's definitely  a definition factor on major investors minds who are the money movers. These are institutional and large corporate investment companies combined with leading businesses like Berkshire Hathaway. Watching what and who they invest in at a specific time will give you valuable chart data that you should pay attention to as you consider where to properly invest your hard earned money. Always use your chart data to plot your positions in the markets to insure the herd isn't suddenly going to change in a radical direction against you. Being a smart investor takes work with a keen eye on what the underpinnings are doing for specific indexes your charting daily. Wisdom in a portfolio is a process of knowledge of which stocks and bonds are good investments based on peaks troughs combined with bottoms of the markers. You'll need to make the right decision on when to go in big or bailout before you'll lose your entire portfolio.  By  following my advice you'll build a strong winning combination into your portfolio that will continue adding more money to your portfolio over both a short and long term time period.

Have a Great day...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday Market Watch

Well by now everyone has enjoyed their holiday with family, friends and now gone back this early week  to the world of work.. Some interesting news to report here is the SEC regulatory agency is considering a new commissioner to head the financial markets oversight body. For anyone who doesn't know what the SEC is its the Security and Exchange Commission which regulates all financial stocks,bonds,Brokers,Brokerage houses etc on Wall Street and private equity investment. This regulator can change everything that is traded on all markets including the Dow Jones and other lesser known markets like Russell 500 etc.. Now to other important news for today market investors ate still feeling the effects of weekend holiday celebration. You see that people are now diving into their portfolios ready to jump into  the market with good investment deals available today.  This means good deals will spur broader market interest and investment with large institutional investment leading the herd combined with other big money investors following suite. You look at the news wires about Wall Street  and global chart data which always moves the markets up or down Certainly you can see today more investors are going short on stocks,bonds because of economic numbers from Office of Management and Budget and, Federal Reserve. Market jitters still are persistent but as the week continues the market will show a. significant gain overall based on good news coming from real estate sector,banking and news about important corporate profits from major companies. Look for this to add a major upside in the markets later this week by as much as 20 point or more fueled by investor confidence. This is how I see the markets will react later this week based on current data today.

Have a Great day...

Saturday, July 4, 2015

July Fourth Holiday

Hi folks just a quick note to wish everyone a safe, happy godly holiday today. While everyone is hopefully drinking responsible having a good time it's always good to check your portfolio investments to see what your winning or losing with stocks and bonds. Do look over your charts to see what's market trends are in your charting for the week. Yes, the markets are closed on Wall Street for trading for the holiday weekend. This is still a market that makes radical movement from pressure from overseas investors. You know therefore that these people don't run on the same time clock and strategies that we do in America.. So given that this is how our market system works paying attention to every detail will help you avoid being a victim of the change. You will be better able to predict when the herd of leading investors chooses a different direction so that your not facing the problem of your  portfolio sagging in the negative..

Have a Great Day.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Holiday Weekend Coming

Well, most people woke up this morning to a new day realizing that their is a celebration of our countries freedom this weekend. Yes, it's almost here with July 4th parades, fireworks displays,cookouts, combined with general relaxation with family and friends. I am writing this Thursday afternoon to inform everyone to have a happy holiday weekend. Their is definitely defiant market swing this week as a result of the Federal Reserve changes in the discount rates. This governs many different economic factors that are important to know which I will address in a few minutes. The economic GDP this quarter is showing slow growth with a tracking and projected growth of about 2.8 on the index of leading indicators. The stock market tickers does tell the story with investors feeling the pressure from sluggishness in the economy overall.  The bright spot is leading companies like Boeing,Apple,IBM,Bank America Corp.,and other competitive global businesses are reporting new posted above average earnings growth for this quarter. A broad economic overview shows the trade deficit with our international partners closing the gap so that America is in better shape compared to our industrial overseas partners like Germany,Japan,England,France etc. The jobs situation is still a problem with more people having their jobs phased out or outsourced to other foreign competitors. Some of the economic problems in America is due a change from manufacturing to a high technology combined with  services a based economy. This trend doesn't seem to be showing any signs of slowing for the immediate future. When you are looking at how the market reaction is on a chart basis you can clearly see the economic picture in clear focus. We do have some winners in business with certainly the same in markets in technology stocks but overall things are still not a rosy picture for business and investment this quarter. Looking ahead on projected gains for next quarter we will have to see what impact of improvements the economy will do..
You can look for the next quarter to be mixed results with some corporate giants continuing to post gains while other parts of the economy remain at a stable 2.1 percent of GDP output.  This reflects a drop stock profitability in combination with a increase in a return to higher inflation for the next fiscal quarter. The Federal Reserve will lower the discount rates another full 1 point or maybe more in a effort to jump start the economy. This will certainly help the economy to begin growth at a larger rate of GDP overall for next quarter including the rest of the year..

Have a Great Day..
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Blogging Again. .

I have decided to return to writing again with a focus on writing good articles about economics,business and stock portfolios investment advice. So look for lots of new hard hitting market,business advice with solid professional ideas from a real world of business and investment knowledge.. Just remember folks to follow me here combined with  checking back frequently to see what new posts and powerful ideas I have for business and market direction that will make you wallet growth happen..

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