Monday, November 9, 2015

Market Monday 11/09/2015

I hope this finds everyone doing great today. I haven't been able to write here because of being busy so I am critical focus here. Ok everyone lets get into how things are going with the broad spectrum indexes both in America and international. Well,this day started pretty normal as folks woke up to Monday morning business combination with checking their portfolios. Then the market opens with a bit of jitters about new Federal bank rate hike concerns. Then fueled by cheaper light sweet crude oil prices shifted markets in America Dow,NASDAQ etc to a downward spiral. If that isn't enough to make you want to puke,pulling the selling trigger,then maybe your very unusual. You see most got a moment of being dumb struck panic,following the heroes of herds, running away from a market crash. So once panic set in everyone just went with playing follow the idiots leading the bears going downhill. When it's all financial ruins for your portfolios you don't want to stick your hero head in the sand pretending everything going to be alright cause it's not. My wife Pamela famous for hammering into people the truth and I am no exception. A truly big blessing having a wonderful women in my life. Ok ok I know our personal life isn't why you subscribe here to this blog. So let's continue with market analysis so everyone can see what is happening. Hard core factors in play today that are very important to where were heading this week. Well oil is one two China economy is in a slump except for export market dumping of cheap products which drives prices up in foreign countries. Three weaknesses in global markets underpinning are directly effected by American and European markets So everything with  this contributed today to a 176.48 downward turn on the Dow,this combines with European uncertainties about Great Britain position being continued put everyone into panic. Some simple Monday monsoon analysis always helps cheer people up..Ya right! !Where we seriously going this week your asking? ? I think it's not going to be roses but instead more likely mixed with just peachy. We going to get critical by saying that the markets are going to have some important bright spots with energy,new home sales,banking but investors are going to cringe at what they see happen as the week continues. So be prepared continue market volatile sell off until it's peak about Thursday middle of day. So put on your rain coat be prepared to get very wet. From middle day Thursday to Friday bell close is going prove interesting for rain hardy investors. I think even with weak underpinning the markets are going to gain above the neckline about 25 points green. While it's not the sweet spot investors hoping for to happen it's certainly going to help. Just remember the old addage buy lots low sell at the top will make you a merry mere increasing fortune.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Market Watch 10/212015

Good morning to all my great business people,investors who are eagerly making money. Lets talk about what's happening in market news today,then I'll give my analysis on this week. First up on today's markets news is the Dow is up in green plus category with 18.34 the other broad US markets indexes are down with average about 27.0; points overseas European markets are taking a hard hit with the average point down slide 40.00 the German DAX is taking the worst hit with 100.19 points vertical slump. Lets look at Asia markets we see mixed bag with average shift both sides of underpinning shows 21 point modesty down on my last morning checking it. So what's the effects?  Why?  Ok. Here we go!! Analyst I am going to state the unpleasant truth serum. Global markets are reached a platinum plateau last week,now we got the everyone reaching for the Rolaids to calm those jangled nerves. You see the market has a nasty habit of sending signals that people think oh I think everything is going to rosey until you've looked at the identification,identical charts side by side then it becomes clear if you bought on a market hiccup that was a temporary green light. Yes,all of a sudden the light switch in you is on says oh no I screwed myself with buying all that stock. You gotta be tough when you buy investments it's all about a window of winning to losing ratio. You got to look at the charts carefully before you pulling the buy trigger to get it right. You want to add a income right?  Well then that means you got to rack up wins not mounting loss should be available average about 80 to 20 ratio. You do this kind of strategic layer in your investment portfolios your going to solidly beat the broad market indexes. Happy money is better than a empire based on empty pockets and a fat beer belly. Yup their a point to that ending statement.

Hope you have a fantastic day,

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Posting temporary suspension

I am sorry to my loyal readers,video watchers who depend on this blog for important weekly information concerning business and investment. I have put this on the lower part of my to do list for about the last two months. I am going to post this week starting on a regular basis as I was doing Monday,Wednesday,Friday schedule so be prepared for this to happen. Hope everyone is having a really great day..
John N.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Stock Advisor Report

This stock advisor report is for Friday 09/18/2015 with market conclusion based on broad indexes globally.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday Investment Report

This is my stock investment report for Wednesday 09/15/2015

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You'll find video post on my channel.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Business Journal

I have decided to restart my weekly business video magazine due to lots of requests for it. Previously it gained lots on popularity on YouTube for me doing it. Well,now you can go to YouTube channel (Yaway2) Business Journal to watch my video magazine ever week. I will post it for everyone to watch it so look for information that will help you with your businesses.

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Monday Stock Investment Report -(09/14/2015)

Hello, blog readers watch my YouTube video online now for Monday. Yes, unfortunately it's late due to being busy here, so it includes Monday and Tuesday this week.
Hope everyone finds it interesting to watch.
Note ; YouTube channel (Yaway2)

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Here is the Link,

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Friday Market Watch 09/11/2015

This week my market predictions have had technology hiccups unfortunately which is why my report is late.  Yes I am publishing the on Saturday do to the fact that my technology has been causing a problem. I am late in posting this report to this blog here but you'll see a few interesting market changes. I want to first start off with how the market has reacted all this week to all the volume. You do see a a lot changes in how the market started up the first of the week. Now you have numerous changes on the bottom of the markets that caused the downturn. Lets look at the causes for why this happens so everyone knows what to look at in charting it. The week set off on a course of plummeting mania with the jitters over the new fed jobs report which shows a small increase in additional new jobs added for working Americans. Then you tee off at the fairway shooting a angle slice right into the tree. Investment advisors looking at all the data coming at them tell dumb smucks that don't really read charts to market bailout. Then you got the institution guys who got scared about their government pension plans panic stricken head for the exit door. Worldwide others in the banks combined with bell weathers big money types of investors just held their ground. The end result is what you see mostly everyone got scared,panicked and sold their positions in their portfolio. The exit continuation from Monday became a monsoon downpour by the close of bell of Friday end of business day on Wall Street. You see that the Dow dropped average about 265 points on the charting index table with the NASDAQ,Standard and Poors all following suit down below the belt line. True to what China has learned about Wall Street panic herd mentality it started buying up tons of American debt and cheap stock  investments. This just worsened everyone worrying thinking that China going to leverage buy on the pain that everyone else's feeling in their portfolios. It will be interesting to see what happens after Labor Day vacation when everyone has to face the grim facts of their portfolios losses.  I think sensibly the first day Tuesday will wipe out most of last weeks losses with some information coming out that will raise speculations of global market gains. The fact of such a rosey picture will quickly fade away by Wednesday when common sense returns to the herd. You'll definitely see by Thursday a return to gloomy output and more people buying Rolaids to stop the pain of a downhill skiing without ski poles. So what about Friday you ask? ? Good question. . A totally flipped flop on the markets globally will effectively change the herds direction on Wall Street to thinking that sweet roses and wine has come back in morning only to get clobbered later in the day by another tidal wave of bad news from the Fed Bank and the Treasury Department on the health report on the American economy. This ones going to make people really pause and consider where we are heading in which direction. The smart people with the right tools are going to hedge their risk and opt. to stay in the markets waiting for the next leg up in valuation. Following the herd will certainly do one thing it will get you stepping on running which ever direction they are moving. You got to be smart by doing yourself a favor and follow your own charts hedgehog your own risks in the positions you own. This will make you a winner instead of a stampede of investors feeling sick over all their mounting losses.

HaVe a GrEaTe DaY..

Note:  Watch the YouTube video link for Friday September 11,2015.

Friday Market Watch (September 12,2015)

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